CORRECTIVE CURE’S client Ms. Prerna’s feedback on reversal of Multiple Sclerosis
CORRECTIVE CURE’S client Dr Swati Iyer, a Senior Consultant with WHO felt delighted, after losing 13 kg, reversing thyroid and overcoming hair-fall issue in just 2.5 months, shared experience in her own words.



SPAD Program is a must for anyone with Multiple Sclerosis or any auto-immune issues.
I’ve been on Dr. Indora’s treatment protocol  for about a month now, and I definitely feel more energetic. I started it on the extreme end of a major MS exacerbation where I was experiencing numbness from head to toe, muscle weakness in my legs and hands, severe muscle spasms in my below chest, vertigo and extreme lethargy.
My energy level now is much higher than before the start of my exacerbation. I’ve gone from spending most of my day on bed to now following my usual routine. I got my another round of MRIs and decided not to medicate. 
I find the program itself very positive, well explained and an easy to follow. I’ve lost 15 kgs of excess weight and reversed all my symptoms of MS. I’m curious to see what more health benefits I’ll get with continuing the autoimmune reversal program.
Mayuri, Gurugram


I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 12 years ago, after trying everything what my doctors advised (and not getting much relief) I tried the SPAD Program, and it has been so great that I got my energy back, and have been consistently improving to the point where I have been relapsing less often (it used to be all the time). I feel like my life was given back to me!
Dr. Vipul’s Crohn’s and Colitis Reversal Program is most scientific and has been effective for many.
Shweta, Delhi 


I started SPAD’s Thyroid Reversal Program about 5 months ago. I started following the protocol. My low thyroid symptoms of tiredness, lack of energy, fatigue, hair fall are resolved now and I feel energetic whole day. Also, my hair quality and skin have started improving! 
My lab tests show great improvement too, TSH, T3, T4 became normal and antibodies went from 1100 + down to under 90 since then and I’m taking lower and lower doses of thyroid medicine. My family doctor is amazed.  Another great effect of Dr. Indora’s program is  that I’ve lost 28 kgs during this period. 


After 3 miscarriages, 5 failed IVF cycles and being told by four IVF doctors that I had less than 6% chance of conceiving, I came across Dr. Vipul Indora as an outcome of my extensive search.
After giving four and a half months to SPAD Program, I tried to conceive again and to my pleasant surprise, I got pregnant right away.
I gave a birth to my cute and healthy baby boy.

I advice you not to get disheartened by limited treatment options given by conventional IVF doctors
and if you’re struggling with infertility and have started to think about egg donors or adoption,
‘SPAD Program’ MUST be the one in your alternative approaches.
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