Why Charting Method is best contraception and other synthetic contraceptives or pills are harmful for your health ?

What’s the most effective birth control or contraceptive method?

Are you sick of pills or IUD or spermicide jellies or condoms?

Do you want a method which has no side effects and still provide you the complete control of fertility ?

A method which doesn’t block your intimate pleasure unlike condoms or diaphragms ?

Yes, this is the very much the traditional calendar or charting method.

And if you doubt the effectiveness of it because your health expert told you so, then I must say that it’s a WRONG advice.

Charting your monthly cycles is amongst the best method of contraception. Why charting is better than other methods of contraception ? 

1) Pills totally blocks or distorts the natural body hormones, which creates serious health effects like risks of heart attacks, blood clots and cancers. The other less serious side effects are headache, weight gain, hair-fall and amenorrhea (stoppage of cycles). 

2) IUDs (Intra-uterine devices), Copper-T can  cause infections which may lead to severe PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) and pus forming discharge.

3) Spermicide creams or jellies can cause pelvic Inflammatory disease.

4) Contraceptive Patches, also creates the same side effects as pills. 

5) Condoms and vaginal diaphragms blocks the skin to skin contact. Mens’ chief pleasure  part (Penis) and women’s clitoris being covered by latex/rubber inhibits the pleasure of sexual act.

In order to prevent yourself from all the harmful health effects and achieve the natural pleasure while sex, which God intended for the couple can only be achieved by learning the accurate way of charting your fertile days and ‘safe’ days, so that you can enjoy the utmost pleasure of sex without the fear of pregnancy or harmful health effects. 

SPAD Health is the only organization in South Asia and neighbouring countries that provides the step-by-step charting method of contraception. 

You learn it once, you learn it for life! And most importantly, you become so much aware of your periods, monthly cycles, flow and fertility that you’ll not have rush to gynaecologists every time. You’ll know when you’re pregnant and when you’re not. You’ll know what are your safe days to have sex without any pills or condoms, you’ll know whether it’s a normal discharge or any infection. 

Contact SPAD-Health to take control of your fertility and your health. Your periods directly tells about the status of your health. 

Be Your Best-Self,
Dr. Vipul Indora, MD