Why Obesity, PCOS, Diabetes and Thyroid Increases the risk of Cancer ?

Why cancer prevention should be your priority ?

India saw more than 11 lakh new cancer cases in 2018 alone! Cancer cases are steeply rising with time. 1 in 22 women are likely to develop cancer, breast cancer has highest occurrence and cervical cancer is 2nd highest. Oral cancer has largest occurrence amongst all types of cancer in men and lung cancer is 2nd most common . India is seeing such a sharp increase in deaths due to cancer every year. In 2018, more than 7 lakh died due to cancer.

Why ? 

What’s the cause of such a high prevalence of cancer cases in India? 

You will find that increase in cancer is directly correlated with the increase in cases of lifestyle diseases like Obesity, PCOS, Thyroid problems and Diabetes.

By the way, cancer too is a lifestyle disease, I know that you’ve been told by health professionals that it’s a genetic mutation and you can’t do anything about it, but, the mutation in the first also is caused by the lifestyle factors like diet, level of toxins in the body or many stress factors.

So, why these lifestyle disorders cause cancer ? Let’s understand the concept- 

To make you aware, increase in consumption of sugar is one of the biggest causes of all the lifestyle diseases. 


Sugar consumption increased from 2kg/person/year at the start of twentieth century to 70kg/person/year at end of century! 
How come sugar that tastes so sweet and harmless, can cause such a dangerous disease of cancer ? 
Sugar, causes high rise of insulin in the body. If you didn’t know, insulin is the chief fat storage hormone, which if remains in chronically increased state, leads to constant deposition of fat inside your cells, causing you to gain weight and hence obesity.

What about diabetes ? Well, the other name of Type 2 diabetes is hyper-insulinemia, that’s high rise of insulin hormone in the blood.

 And PCOS? Again, increase in insulin cause rise of testosterone. Male hormones increase in female body results in periods irregularity, hair loss, pimples and other symptoms of PCOS. 


The common link between above diseases and cancer is again the culprit- insulin. Just after the insulin rises in blood, comes the spike of protein: IGF-1 (that’s, insulin like growth factor-1). This factor has the tendency to convert normal cell to cancerous cell. It can also mutate normal gene to cancer causing gene.

 So, now you understood how these ‘mild looking’ diseases like Obesity, PCOS and Diabetes are strongly linked with cancer. 

But, what about thyroid ? 

Yes, thyroid is also a metabolic or lifestyle disorder like the other diseases. In this problem, low thyroid hormones results in less delivery of energy or nutrients into the cells, due to which mitochondria (energy making body inside the cell) stops functioning properly. 
And cancer cells, don’t use mitochondria for energy, they utilise sugar and directly convert it into energy.

So, hope this explains you how thyroid disorders can create cancerous environment in the body, which increases the risk of developing cancer. 

Cancer is dependent on many factors such as hormonal problems, wrong diet and lifestyle habits, high toxins levels inside the body and the environment, medicine intake, wrong metabolic environment in the body (due to obesity, PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes and autoimmune disorders) and very much on chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Yes, you read it right, chemotherapy or radiotherapy which are meant to destroy cancer cells, have also got the high tendency to convert normal cells to cancerous. Hence the conventional or usual cancer treatment actually increases the chances of relapse of the cancer.

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Be Your Best-Self, 
Dr. Vipul Indora, MD