Why dandruff causes hair-fall ? Only root cause solution can give long lasting hair growth and quality.

Is dandruff bothering you?

Is it associated with hair-fall ?

Have you tried visiting dermatologists, applying shampoos or topical medications on head but got no relief ?

The reason is not focusing on the internal root causes of your dandruff and hair-fall.

So, what’s the real reason of dandruff ?

There are 4 major reasons: 

  • Dry skin
  • Seborrheic dermatitis 
  • Side effect of hair products 
  • Fungal infection

Dry skin happens due to wrong dietary intake which is less in healthy fats (like omega 3) and some essential vitamins and minerals like b vitamins and iron.

Seborrheic Dermatitis, results from excess sebum production due to hormonal imbalance in the body. The conditions for  hormonal imbalance are obesity, PCOS, diabetes which can lead to excess testosterone hormone production. Increase in testosterone cause excess sebum production from the glands in the skin. Increase sebum around hair follicles (socket that holds hair) cause inflammation resulting in hair-fall or puts hair in telogen (resting) phase which means new hair growth is less and old hair remains, causing thinning and sparse hair.

Hair products commonly available contain toxins, this creates inflammation in the body. Immune cells mediated by inflammation can  cause hair fall. 

Fungal infection is usually associated with dandruff. The common fungus is yeast called malasezzia, which normally present in small amounts on skin is grown multi-folds due to excess production of sebum in skin or fungus growth can also be caused excess inflammation in the intestine due to wrong eating habits and lifestyle. 

The above conditions results in itchy and scaly skin over the scalp of head, which is the sign of inflammation.

Inflammation weakens the hair follicles causing hairfall.
If you’ve tried everything for dandruff and hairfall and failed to get any significant or permanent results, SPAD Program for Hair Growth and Prevention of Hair-Fall can provide you the most comprehensive and scientific root cause removal approach to grow your new and lustrous hair with long lasting results. 

Be Your Best-Self,
Dr Vipul Indora, MD