What’s your cause of hair-loss ? Only knowing and treating root cause will give guaranteed results for new hair growth and prevention of hair-fall.

Are you facing hair loss?

Have you tried everything from coconut oil, eggs, onion, aloe vera, topical creams, lotions and ayurvedic supplements but still not got the expected results? 

It’s because you’ve tried working externally on your skin but the problem of hair fall is due to internal imbalances in your body. 

There are many problems which can lead to hair fall. Unless, you don’t get to know your root cause, it’ll be quite impossible to get the right treatment and achieve the new hair growth and prevent the hair loss, inspite of applying all the topical ingredients on your head. 

So, let’s discuss a bit about various causes of hair loss, the list below is not comprehensive, but it covers most common problems: 

Chronic inflammation in the body- Obesity, PCOS, diabetes are the conditions which increase my Inflammatory molecules in the body and blood, which leads to dying of hair cells. This is because inflammation disrupts mitochondria, the primary energy producing body inside the cell and lack of energy to hair cells and follicle cause hair-fall.

Past long term infection– This is large number of diffuse hair fall, after 3-4 months of recovery from the chronic Infections. The condition is called as telogen effluvium.

Thyroid imbalance– Hair needs energy to grow and the main function of thyroid hormone is to provide energy to each other cells of the body, including all the hair cells, so, now you can relate. 

Period pills or oral contraceptive pills intake– The pills are synthetic progesterone or estrogen hormones, which leads to suppression of all the natural hormone production in the body. Once the pills are stopped, the natural hormones gets released from the ovary in a rebound effect. This leads rebound increase of androgens (male hormones). The tendency of male hormone production is increased by pills intake, as it causes high insulin levels, which in turn stimulated the androgen (testosterone, DHT, etc) production. This increase in androgen hormones causes hair loss, as they act on hair follicles and shrink them. Hair follicles are sockets which holds hair. 

Wrong eating habits can cause serious hormonal changes in the body causing hair fall.

Toxins present in our environment can enter from air, food and water. Also from the skin care products being used, can all lead to hair fall. Examples are heavy metals, pesticides. 

Nutrient deficiency, it can be due to two reasons, either you’re not consuming nutritious diet or lack of proper absorption from the intestine. Like B vitamins, Iron, Zn and others.

Over-exercising or Under exercising– Over activity leads to increase in stress hormone (cortisol) levels which causes hair fall. Lack of exercise leads to high insulin levels, which causes increase in androgens (male hormones) resulting in Hair fall.

Detoxification problems, due to improper liver functioning can lead to build up of toxins in the body, which increases the Inflammation in body and hence hair loss.

Improper or low calorie intake though many do for weight loss but chronically it’s harmful. It can cause hormonal imbalances and hair fall.

 – Not consuming enough foods which have anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidant foods prevent inflammation.

Digestive problems too if long standing can cause hair loss.

Autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, skin problems can cause hair-fall. As the immune cells in body starts attacking it’s own hair cells. 

Mental stress can also lead to hair fall, as in long standing stress the cortisol hormones are increased causing other hormonal imbalance. 

Viral/parasitic infections can lead to hair fall, again by increasing inflammation in the body.

Genetic predisposition is another reason that leads to hair loss.

Medicines intake can also cause hair loss. These are the medicines which cause hormonal imbalance like contraceptive pills or period pills, insulin etc. Or medicines like pain killers, NSAIDS, anti-acidity tablets which increases inflammation. Or medicines given to auto-immune, cancer, rheumatoid, MS, SLE patients which supresses the immune system. Steroids also harms the hair.

It’s only after knowing the your exact root cause, you can get the guaranteed results to increase the growth of your hair and prevent any further hair loss. 
Call SPAD to understand your reason for hair fall and get correct treatment for best hair quality and texture. 

Be Your Best-Self,
Dr. Vipul Indora, MD