Treating cancer without chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

Yes, it’s possible by very safe and more effective metabolic approach.

Life with the cancer treatment?

That’s the most painful experience of any known treatment of medical science! That too a long and chronic one, because even the pain of roadside accidents can be dealt with strong pain killers and sedatives in the operation theater.

 Chemotherapy involves giving strong medicines to kill the cancer cells by destroying their DNA. The problem is these drugs are so strong that they even kill the normal healthy cells in the body. The same way radiotherapy destroys healthy body cells as well. 

What does the dangerous effects of chemotherapy treatment look like- 

1) severely thin and malnourished body, as chemotherapy destroys the fast growing normal intestinal cells, hence reduces the nutrients absorption capacity of intestine

2) Hair-loss, again fast growing normal and healthy hair cells are destroyed by the chemo drugs.

3) Brain dysfunction, as the cognitive capabilities decline due to chemo.

4) It can lead to heart dysfunction

5) Increases the chances of recurrence of cancer, as chemo or radiotherapy can convert normal cells to cancerous cells.

 6) Highly increases the chances of infections and illness due to suppression of immunity by the drugs.

On top of the above harmful effects, all the patient gets is just a few months to couple of years of life extension, that too with pain, agony, illness and sorrow.

Do you want to save yourself from all of above dangerous effects ? 
Then, highly safe and more effective treatment for you can be via Metabolic Approach. 

Click on the link below to read and understand the Metabolic Treatment of cancer by SPAD and let me know if you’ve further queries or doubts.

Be your ‘Best-Self’,

Dr. Vipul Indora, MD