Minimise the wrath of cancer treatment. Adopt the Metabolic-Approach.

If you’ve anyone close getting cancer treatment, you can surely understand the pain involved in undergoing the treatment itself!
However, do you know that the cancer treatment or whole journey can be much less painful and infact can be beautiful by following certain principles after the diagnosis?

Read on to understand how..

To make the person diagnosed with cancer live a healthy and normal life, it’s important to know the difference between two treatment approaches, first is the conventional/traditional/usual approach and the other is novel metabolic approach.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll call this traditional approach as ‘conventional’ and you must be aware of this treatment, which involves surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The current approach to treating cancer is by conventional approach. The huge problems and dangerous side effects which patients face are typical with this approach, your can read them by clicking on the link of my article below:

Now, let me explain you what lies in the  metabolic treatment of cancer and how it has ZERO or negligible side effects.

First the basic difference, conventional approach is all killing the cells by surgery, chemo drugs and radiotherapy. Metabolic approach is removing the root cause of what’s giving birth to cancer cells.

The biggest drawback (apart from intolerable side effects) of conventional treatment is that cancer can come again.

Why that happens ?

It’s because the chemotherapy and radiotherapy kills the cells, but doesn’t change the body environment which is giving birth to cancerous cells in first place.

So, now you must be realising that all this extreme pain, extreme financial burden of treatment and emotional feeling of all time low and depressed due to negative health effects by the conventional treatment is just because you can live few months extra! Or even couple of years extra, that too with pain and illness.

This is where the metabolic treatment approach comes to your rescue. In this approach you attack cancer from all sides (like high inflammation, low immunity, hormonal imbalance, stressors and others), which not only inhibits or starve out the cancer cells but prevents the the development of new cancer cells.

Whereas traditional treatment only focuses on one (single) aspect and that’s killing of cancer cells. And that too is a failure as all the cells are not destroyed, the remaining hidden ones become the reason of relapse or second attack of cancer.

How the SPAD’s Metabolic Treatment helps cancer patients to avoid the wrath of extreme medicines, cost of treatment and emotional setbacks ?

I’ll share the major treatment modalities of SPAD’s Anti-Cancer Program:

1) Inflammation control in the body. That’s important, as cancer cells love high Inflammatory environment. With the ‘accurate’ nutrition and right choices, the inflammation can be successfully reduced. SPAD program breaks all the myths related to diet and nutrition currently prevalent. High inflammation can be known by certain blood tests.

2) Detoxification of the body. There are many environmental pollutants both outside and inside every home, which people are not  aware of completely. Understanding the likely toxins and removing them from the body is crucial as these toxins can convert normal cell to cancerous cell.

3) Balancing all the hormones , as imbalance causes cancer. There are many reasons of it, like diet, lifestyle, stressors and medicines. Chronic use of period pills or oral contraceptive pills also causes hormonal imbalance and highly increases the risk of cancer. SPAD do the complete evaluation of your hormones and provides the treatment to  correct it.

4) Improving the immune function. It’s again very crucial, because the immune cells (eg; NK cells) destroys the cancer cells. If immune system is weak, cancer will grow.

5) Impacting the cancer genes. As you all understand the cancer cells have altered/abnormal or mutated DNA. The good news is that even these mutated genes (DNA) can be turned OFF by various factors like nutrients, supplements and certain commonly available medicines. Turning the cancer genes from ON to OFF, will further prevent cancer growth or recurrence.

6) Anti-Cancer nutrition. Yes, there are foods which promote cancer environment in the body and there are foods which are anti-cancer.

7) Improving the gut health and digestion. This is necessary to create anti-cancer environment in the body. Many cancer patients have gut disorders even before diagnosis whether they not or not. Imbalance in gut bacteria cause Inflammation in the body and this can also lead auto-immunity development. Inflammation means over-activity of your own immune cells (WBCs) and auto-immunity means your immune cells attacking own tissues or other cells in the body. Both these conditions are pro-cancerous.

8) Inhibiting the growth or formation of new blood vessels supplying the cancer cells.
Cancer cells need food and oxygen for survival, they get it through formation of new blood vessels (arteries and veins), which supply them. SPAD Program provides the treatment ways to inhibit the growth of these vessels.

9) Stress Management for cancer patients. This is very crucial to reverse or inhibit the cancer growth. Stress hormones (eg; cortisol) when increased, leads to hormonal imbalance, which also creates pro-cancerous environment in the body. Any kind of sudden shock or emotional trauma in life makes the person quite prone to developing cancer. And many researches have proved that reducing stress and managing emotions well, helps heal cancer patients faster and live longer, happier.

Are you thinking, can I start SPAD’s Metabolic Treatment with current cancer treatment I’m undergoing ?
Infact, you’ll get better result if you start the SPAD Program with your current treatment, as this is going to help you heal faster, live longer and happier. As, this program will help you reduce the dosages of toxic chemotherapy medicines and harmful radiotherapy.

There are no guarantees in cancer treatment but you can surely enhance your life by living longer, healthier and happier, with no prolong illnesses or weakness by adopting SPAD’s Metabolic Approach to treating your cancer.

Be Your Best-Self,

Dr. Vipul Indora, MD