How to save yourself from dangerous health effects of cancer treatment ?

Why cancer treatment is so dreadful?

Is anyone close to you suffering from cancer?

The conventional or usual cancer treatment involves three modalities- surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Newer segment of immunotherapy has also been evolved. 

Surgery is done to remove the tumour (cancer) mass. Since, surgery still can leave some cancerous cells at the site of tumour, the patient is given chemotherapy and radiotherapy to kill those cells.

There are some major drawbacks and dangerous side effects of conventional cancer treatments, which are:

 1) Chemo and radiotherapy destroys the rapid growing cancer cells but this also damages the normally fast growing healthy cells in the body like hair, intestinal cells, immune cells and cells of reproductive organs like testes and ovaries.

2) The intestinal damage causes decrease in absorption of nutrients from food, body becomes severely malnourished.

3) Body gets prone to repeated infections because immune cells are damaged by the therapies. High chances of getting severe infection.

4) Chances of developing cancer again in future, as chemo and radiotherapy can convert the normal cells to cancerous cells by altering their DNA.

 5) The cancer cells can become resistant to the two therapies, as the cancer cell DNAs are no more responding to the toxicity of the chemicals and rays.

6) Do you know, the chemotherapy was first started with the chemical (poison) used to kill enemies in the war- mustard gas.

Now, you must be thinking, what should be done for the cancer patients if not the conventional treatments?

What are other alternatives, also which are safe on the body?

You’ve to understand here that the only way oncologist or cancer specialist doctors treat the cancer is by genetic approach or killing the DNA of cancer cells and hence destroying the cancer cells by chemotherapy or radiation. 

But there is a very novel approach and highly effective one, that’s the ‘metabolic approach’. No doctor or hospital in India and neighbouring countries use the metabolic approach to treat cancer, as this is relatively new, but the fact is that is very safe for the body and only has minimal side effects. SPAD Program provides the complete Metabolic Approach to fight cancer with ZERO or negligible side effects.

Moreover, the metabolic approach to treat cancer doesn’t have any dangerous health effects that patients face by radio and chemotherapy. 

So, what’s this metabolic approach to treating the cancer?

  • It involves changing your body environment from pro-cancer to anti-cancer, which means,
  • avoiding the diet that cancer cells love, 
  • dampening the inflammatory environment in body which cancer cells want to thrive and spread,
  • providing nutrients or supplements to body that will boost immunity to fight cancer cells, and
  • quite effectively taking some very common medicines like metformin, aspirin and others which have proven effects (backed by scientific researches) to fight cancer. 

Should you leave the conventional approach? 

It totally depends on type and stage of cancer and also on your decision to go with conventional or a novel metabolic approach. But, it would be best to combine both the approaches in the usual scenario.

What’s the benefit of combination?

Using the holistic metabolic approach is going to reduce your dependence on or dosages of the dangerous chemotherapy drugs and harmful radiations. 

As, I always say, KEEP ALL HOPE ALIVE! You can achieve much more in your life and health by attacking the cancer from all sides, rather than just focusing on killing cells, because the single approach of chemo and radio never kills all, that’s why typical medical treatment for cancer has never been able to achieve any success in conquering cancer. All the patient gets is few months to few years of life extension, that too living on those years is full of pain, infection, illnesses and depression.

 With SPAD’s Cancer Inhibition Program, you’re not only going to effectively starve the cancer cells with zero or minimal side effects but will also achieve the vibrant health and energy the way it use to feel before cancer, which you can never achieve by the usual or conventional cancer treatments. 

Be Your Best-Self,
Dr. Vipul Indora, MD