Why your thyroid treatment is wrong?

Alishaa (name changed) came to me when she couldn’t get relief from top endocrinologist doctors in the city, including her family doctor. Her TSH levels were: 

  • normal that is < 4 mU/L, 
  • T4 was 8.1 mcg/dl (normal: 5-12 mcg/dl) 
  • T3 was 134 ng/dl (normal: 75- 195 ng/dl)


  1. She gained 27 kgs extra in this period.
  2. Moreover, she had bloating and swelling on her face and body.
  3. She was also facing Hair fall, irregular periods from last 2 years.
  4. With time her energy levels went so down that even her IT office job of just sitting on desk or reaching her office which is nearby house made her feel extremely tired and she used to feel energy less whole day. 

What went wrong with her treatment ? And I see many patients who do achieve normal TSH levels but still don’t feel normal or energetic, why this happens? 

Here are the problems with conventional/traditional/usual treatment – 

1) One reason is your doctor sends you home, on finding TSH, T3, T4 reports are ‘normal’ stating that you’ve no thyroid issue but you still feel horrendous symptoms! Did your doctor miss something ? 

Here, it’s important for you to understand that even if your test reports show that the levels of three basic thyroid hormones (TSH, T4, T3)  are normal, there are multiple situations where the hormones (inspite of being present in the blood) will not be able to enter inside your cells. 
For example, if your body is in high inflammatory state (that’s when your immune system/antibodies are overactive, which happens in obesity, PCOS, diabetes or autoimmune conditions), then the thyroid hormones will not be able to enter the cells.

The solution in such a situation is, if you feel the symptoms of hypothyroidism (like low energy, tiredness, weight gain, irregular periods, hairfall) but your thyroid test reports (TSH, T3 and T4) are normal, it’s better to consider getting full body analysis for overall inflammation and toxin levels and complete thyroid profile (not just the above three tests). 

2. Your TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is raised, that means it’s pushing the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones (T3 & T4), as the later are less in hypothyroid state. 

Your doctor’s solution- prescribing the thyroxine (synthetic T4) hormone tablet. You start taking thyroid tablets and infact have been taking it for years now, but still facing the symptoms or didn’t see much changes in your health and fitness levels ?


That’s because the high inflammation or due to toxins in your body which enters from common home products like soaps, shampoos, many others (physiological stress), tension in life (mental stress), excessive workouts (physical stress), not only blocks the entry of T3 hormone into the cells but also inhibits the conversion of inactive T4 to T3. 

All these stressors leads to increase in stress hormones (cortisol) in the body. It’s the excess cortisol that inhibits the conversion of inactive T4  to active T3.Hence, this is another reason that inspite of taking the thyroid tablets, your symptoms are not relieved and problem persists because all that hormone is not converting into it’s active or functional state. 

3. The next problem with the conventional/usual thyroid treatment is just supplementing your hormone deficiency but not knowing how to stop the damage happening to the thyroid gland. 

As I mentioned earlier, first issue here can be that your doctor  measured these three tests only for the thyroid symptoms- TSH, T3, T4, and didn’t go for TPO (Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody) and TgAb (Thyroglobulin Antibody) tests. Increased TPO and TgAb indicates that your hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormones) is not likely due to iodine deficiency but it’s because the thyroid gland is getting damaged by antibodies, your  antibodies destroying own gland is called- autoimmunity. 

Why this happens ?

It’s because your antibodies which normally attacks any foreign invaders such as bacteria or viruses, starts to recognize the thyroid gland also as a foreign body. In such a situation the actual cause of your low thyroid hormone is happening due to  destruction of the thyroid gland.
So here your thyroid problem remained undiagnosed due to ‘improper testing’.

Solution, don’t go only for TSH, T3 and T4 tests, but also test your TPO and TgAb antibody levels. 

Second issue here is that, even if your doctor did the TPO and TgAb tests, and the antibodies came out higher, he prescribed you the thyroid pills but have no idea about how to treat the autoimmune attack happening against the thyroid gland. If you ask, the usual answer of the conventional doctor is- there’s no solution for autoimmunity, you’ll have to live with this problem forever.
That’s a debilitating situation, because if you don’t take action to protect the gland, it’ll get  destroyed totally and you’ll be left with no hormone production at all for whole life.

Depending on thyroid medicines for whole life is just like living on restricted one glass of water per day. No matter how much thirsty you are, you had been running in desert to save your life from a leopard, still all you have is just one glass of water to survive the whole day and night.

4) Next problem of MISDIAGNOSIS- your TSH, T3, T4 and also TPO, TgAb levels are normal, but still you’ve the symptoms of hypothyroidism. 

What’s going wrong here ?

It quite happens when your thyroid gland is producing normal amount of hormones T3 and T4, but again due to high inflammation in the body or nutritional deficiencies or toxins, the T3 gets converted to rT3 (reverse T3). This rT3 is anti-T3, as it sits on the receptors (receiving ends) of T3 on the cells and blocks the T3 from functioning. No or less T3 ‘inside’ your cells leads to all the hypothyroid symptoms.

Solution, again will be to reduce or remove all the triggering factors from the body, in order to give your thyroid hormones the optimum metabolic environment to function smoothly, that will  boost your energy levels, keeping your hair, skin, heart and every cell healthy. Important here is that no thyroid medicines will be of much help, if you don’t fix the underlying conditions.

5) You’re misdiagnosed due to not ordering the complete thyroid profile, check- 

  • a) TSH and Total T4.. is ordered but not the free T4. In the body it’s free T4 that’s converted to T3, so useful measure is Free-T4. 
  • b) Free T4.. is ordered but not the T3, and it’s actually T3 which is used by the body for functions. Free T4 first gets converted to T3 and the later is utilised by the cells. 
  • c) Total T3 is ordered but not the free T3. Again, the body cells utilise free form of T3, so, even if Total T3 is normal, it doesn’t mean that your thyroid is normal. It’s crucial to measure free T3 levels.

 6) Why your doctor never told you about nutrients for your thyroid ?

Did I hear nutrients are not that important ? Wrong.

Nutrition is the most important factor. Why ? –
a) Iodine and tyrosine (amino acid) is required for the formation of T3 and T4. 
b) zinc, iron and other minerals are required for conversion of T4 to T3. 
c) Some crucial vitamins vitamins are required for entry of T3 into the cells. Also, appropriate nutrients balance is a must to create metabolic environment for optimum functioning of thyroid.

7) Did your doctor measure sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone etc.) or stress hormones (cortisol)?  

But how come is it related to my thyroid?

It is, infact pretty much.  Increase in stress hormones leads to increase in estrogen levels, high estrogen in the body elevates TBG (thyroid binding globulin) protein. TBG is a storage protein that binds with T3 and T4. Excess TBG, means low free T3 and free T4, which leads to hypothyroid symptoms. 

And if you’re still wondering what were the results of Alishaa after following SPAD Program.

Her health results were astounding,  she lost 32 kgs in 5 months, regained all her youth like energy back, with no swelling or puffiness anywhere on the body. Hairfall stopped and quality improved. Also she noticed the glowing and smooth skin (which used to be dry and dull before starting the program). Her periods became normal, occurring every 27-28 days. 

SPAD Thyroid Cure/Reversal Program, is the only treatment in India and neighbouring countries which provides the complete solution to your thyroid problem, that will not just relieve your symptoms, but will also prevent further damage of your thyroid gland, making you younger, fitter, more energetic by correcting all your hormones and providing you the perfect metabolic health. This program can be easily started at home through online channel and video sessions.

Be your ‘Best-Self’,

Dr. Vipul Indora, MD