Why Thyroid Medicines are NOT Helping You

Why Thyroid Medicines are NOT Helping You ?

 Do you take thyroid medicine ?

Or were you asked by the doctor to take it ? 

But do you still feel tired, lethargic and are overweight ? And do you have hair-fall too? Moreover, inspite of taking thyroid medicine, do you feel difficulty in conceiving or miscarriages ? 

And if you are pregnant, do you think thyroid medicines are all you need to get success with this pregnancy and deliver the healthy baby ? 

What’s wrong here ?

Why medicines are not helping you in improving your health, fertility and pregnancy ? 

The answer is Thyroid Hormone has a complex pathway and just giving T4 (Thyroxine tablet) will not solve your problem.

Understand Why ? 


1) What if you are taking the T4 (tablet) but not converting it into the USABLE ACTIVE form of thyroid hormone- T3. CONVERSION PROBLEM. 

2)What if you do convert T4 to T3, but the cells are not able to accept/ T3. CELL INTAKE PROBLEM

3) What if you are taking adequate dose of T4 (Thyroxine tablets) but you are not absorbing the medicine from your intestine. This is Very-Common problem, though you may not be aware of it’s presence in your body. ABSORPTION PROBLEM. 

4)You don’t have enough nutrients to make the thyroid Hormone or push the thyroid Hormone into cells. NUTRIENTS PROBLEM.

5) Your TBG (Thyroid Binding Globulin), a protein that binds with thytoid hormone, increases. If TBG is too high, it binds with the Hormone, hence less free Hormone is available to act. 

6) Though you are taking thyroid hormone tablet to replenish the lower amount of hormones in your body, but still that’s not stopping the progressive damage happening to the thyroid gland by the autoimmune antibodies (antibodies against self) and no medicine can stop the damage.
The only solution is removing all the factors which are causing damage to the thyroid gland.

Now, did you understand, why your doctor prescribing you the thyroid medicine is not much of a help ? 

Understand more- 

CONVERSION PROBLEM – is solved by replenishing nutrients that are responsible for conversion. Further more, reducing INFLAMMATION (a process in which your body’s immune cells and antibodies become hyperactive and destructive), will help the conversion to go smoothly. High inflammation inhibits conversion.

INTAKE PROBLEM– again you need proper supplements that you’re lacking in. Also, reducing stress (physical, mental, physiological) will help in better intake. Here too reducing inflammation will play a role. 

ABSORPTION PROBLEM– here comes the role of your gut (intestine) healing. Again a very common problem, you will very likely have but your doctor has never tested it and hence you feel that thyroid medicine are not acting on you! 

NUTRIENTS PROBLEM– well, it’s most common problem, that can result from just casual eating or your intestine (due to inflammation) is not absorbing all the necessary vitamins and supplements. Again, no medicine will help you, if you don’t address this problem. I know no doctor tells you about Nutrition, though it’s the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor in treating, IN FACT CURING the chronic diseases. 

High TBG and autoimmune damage of your thyroid is again the result of hyper-inflammation in your body. 
Can ANY MEDICINE of thyroid HELP YOU, if you are NOT HANDLING the above all problems ? NEVER. 

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Be your ‘Best-Self’,

Dr. Vipul Indora, MD