Why joint pain and thyroid go hand in hand ?

Do you have joint pain ?

Or anyone in your family has ? 

Knowing the reason can help you treat or cure or reverse the problem. Usual or conventional treatment by the doctors – Pain Killers and Calcium tablets.

Does the conventional treatment help ?

Ask any of your family member having the problem or if you yourself have it, the joint pain is hovering for years and years. 

And with time this joint pain gets worsened. Sounds familiar ? 
Reason ? 

Joint pain has two most common reasons- thyroid and inflammation. Thyroid (hypothyroid) can be due to iodine deficiency or inflammatory attack on thyroid gland. 

What’s inflammation?

It’s the fight by your immune cells (WBCs) against any foreign molecule like bacteria or food particles which body recognize as foreign. 

So, if thyroid gland gets damaged by antibodies, causing low hormone (Hypothyroidism) the same antibodies can attack knee joint, hip or elbow joints, and such inflammatory attack cause stimulation of nerve endings causing pain in the joints. 

Inflammation can also occur without thyroid damage, like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis etc, -itis is inflammation, which causes the pain in joints. The reason is same.

SPAD Health provides the treatment program of complete thyroid cure or reversal and also the reversal of inflammation in the body. 

No pain killers and calcium tablets will provide you any permanent relief from debilitating joint pains. In-fact pain killers with time damage more of the joint tissue, this will explain in my later posts.

But SPAD program can give you your life back by totally controlling and reversing your thyroid and associated joint pains. 

Be Your Best-Self,
Dr. Vipul Indora, MD