Why aging is so challenging in current times?

Why old peoples’ body fall?

Fall both ways- easily gets fractured or their back/neck etc bend down or droop down with age. Reason- BONE WEAKENING and MUSCLE LOSS. 

Why does bone weakening (osteoporosis/osteoarthritis) and Muscle Loss occur?

It’s the result of WRONG DIETARY HABITS (99.9% people  eat Wrong Foods)

CHRONIC DISEASES (like diabetes, arthritis, digestive issues, PCOS, Thyroid, rhematoid, etc.) In Diabetes cells are hungry and they eat up the muscles, also, wrong foods in older ages leads to poor digestion and absorption of Proteins from intestine, hence muscle loss.

TOXINS IN THE BODY– these affect your hormones and prevent minerals from working

WRONG LIFESTYLE HABITS– usually people think that they’re leading decent lifestyle. I just want to ask, then, why are you fat, sick and lethargic ?

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Be your Best-Self,

Dr. Vipul Indora, MD

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