Where has all the energy, stamina and zeal in life gone ?

Do you feel tired, low, lethargic, lack of energy and burnt out even at seemingly small tasks ?

It can be the sign of hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone).

How ? 

Why ?

Because thyroid hormone is essential for survival and provides adequate energy to each of your cell and hence your body. 

Thyroid hormone is like a petrol in your car (body). Imagine you car without petrol. That’s what happens to your body when it lacks adequate thyroid hormone, it slows down more and more with time. 

Low thyroid also affects your sex life, causing low libido and lack of interest. It affects your sex hormones, causing infertility, irregular periods and miscarriages (hypothyroidism is the common cause of miscarriages). 
Did you say, you or you family member is already taking thyroid (thyroxine) tablets ? But, still feel all the symptoms like lack of energy, lethargy, weight gain and others?


Medicines will not help in the following situations-

1) the dosage is not right 

2)  the type of medicine is not right 

3) even if you are take thyroxine tablets (T4),your body is not converting it into active/usable form, that’s T3 

4) Even if you are converting the medicine into T3, it’s not able to enter into the cells

5) also the reason can be too high TBG (Thyroid Binding Globulin) in your blood, which binds with the thyroxine hormone and hence less free-hormone is available for usage 

6) MOST IMPORTANTLY, it’s hard to find any of the doctors in India and neighbouring countries focus on treating or preventing or reversing the damage happening to your thyroid gland (if the reason for low thyroid is self immune attack). So, even if you are taking thyroxine tablet from long, it’s not preventing or stopping the damage which is progressing on your thyroid gland. You’ve to stop this damage to avoid life-long insufficiency of thyroid hormones and dependency on synthetic medicines.

SPAD Health provides the- Complete Thyroid Cure or Reversal Program- which takes care of all the above 6 problems and also balancing your other (sex and stress) hormones which gets disturbed by thyroid gland dysfunction.

This is the only holistic health program in India and neighbouring countries, which will treat you completely from inside out, rather than just giving you temporary relief from the pills or medicines. 

Don’t keep pouring out buckets of water from your boat (by conventional medicine approach), but, plug the hole in the boat to stop the water inflow permanently (by following SPAD Health guidelines) 

Be Your Best-Self,
Dr. Vipul Indora, MD