HYPERTHYROIDISM- Are your medicines or treatment not helping you ? Check for an alternative that can be better

Anxiety, lack of sleep, feeling too hot and sweaty, hair fall, irregular periods and excess weight loss even after eating normal, are you facing these issues ? 

Then, highly likely you’re suffering  from HYPERTHYROIDISM, this is the condition of too much thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) in the body. 
What’s the solution ? 

Traditional/conventional medicine treatment options and side effects of such treatment approach:

1) Medicines to suppress thyroid gland-Propylthiouracil (PTU) or Methimazole. This will decrease your thyroid hormone production. But, there are large number of side effects associated with these medicines, like hairfall, muscle pain, headaches, stomach upsets, jaundice, nausea, joint pain, nerve pain and many more.

2) If medicines are not able to control your hyp-er-thyroidism, then the conventional doctor will suggest you two options- 
a) chemical ablation (destruction) of thyroid gland by radio-active iodine (I-131) or,
b) surgical removal (partial or full) of your thyroid gland. 
Harmful side effects of chemical ablation is that all your thyroid gland is destroyed. Hence, anytime you’re in a state of stress (physical, mental, physiological), the absence of thyroid gland will not be able to regulate such ups and downs during the day. That’ll end up feeling you helpless and hopeless. Thyroid medicine (synthetic hormone) you take, will be just a fixed dose at fixed time. 

Complications of thyroid surgery– two important structures can get damaged if surgery is not done with extreme precision- parathyroid gland (responsible for calcium metabolism and bone formation in the body) and recurrent laryngeal nerve. This nerve supplies to the throat, and damage can lead to paralysis of vocal cords, voice lost! 

Any safer alternative to the above conventional treatments? 

Yes, fortunately you have.

There are natural herbs which can suppress the thyroid gland to reduce it’s toxicity. Also, it’s important to remove the potentially triggering factors which have attacked your thyroid gland and caused you hyp-er-thyroidism in first place. 

‘SPAD Health is the only organization in India and countries around, which brings complete Thyroid Cure Or Reversal Program, which is not just about providing a thyroid pill (synthetic hormone) to counter the symptoms but also protects the thyroid gland against further damage. 

As you knew it inside, already, that pills are not helping your health and fitness. 

Be Your Best-Self,
Dr. Vipul Indora, MD