How Thyroid affects your health, fertility, pregnancy and future baby?

Do you have thyroid problem ?

Well, even if your T3, T4 and TSH tests are normal, still you can have the thyroid disease, that’s why I always ask to go for complete thyroid profile and not just the 3 tests. 

Now, why thyroid is important for your health, fertility, pregnancy and the future baby ? 

For this, you’ll have to first understand the function of your thyroid hormone. It’s the petrol in your car (body), what happens when petrol gets emptied, the car stops, now suppose the supply pipe gets choked partially, the supply of petrol is reduced so the car slows down. 

Same way, as thyroid hormone production decreases, it slows down the whole body, as thyroid hormone is responsible for entry of energy into every cell of your body. 

What will happen if the egg, placenta (tissue which supports baby) and the new baby forming in the womb, will not not energy ?

These cells will die due to lack of energy, and hence the result is miscarriage.

 What if thyroid hormone is less but is not very less?

Then the pregnancy will continue till delivery but there is higher risk of birth defects, as thyroid is also responsible for organ formation in the body. And it can even result in poor brain development or severe brain defects in the child, as mother’s thyroid hormone plays crucial role in brain development of the baby in womb.

SPAD Health provides India’s (and (neighbouring countries) only Thyroid program which not only treats or supplements the thyroid hormone by tablets (synthetic thyroid hormones) but also reverses the damage happening to your thyroid glands by over 30 factors in your diet, lifestyle and toxins because, unless you stop the damage happening to your thyroid gland no medicine will give you permanent cure and finally the whole gland gets destroyed, making you dependent on medicine for lifetime. 

Be your ‘Best-Self’,

Dr. Vipul Indora, MD