How Non-Stick Cookware is Dangerous for your Pregnancy and Baby ?

How Non-Stick Cookware is Dangerous for your Pregnancy and Baby ?

And how it can cause Infertility, Thyroid, Cancers, and make you Fat & Sick ? 

Are your overweight and sick?

Are you or anyone around you pregnant ?

Are your periods irregular ?

Or do you have thyroid problems ?

Then read on to know how TEFLON is silently  DAMAGING YOUR BODY!
Yes, you’ve read it right, it’s the Teflon coating over the Non-Stick Pans and cookware, which actually makes it Non-Stick and easy to cook. But, it’s out-rightly the poison for your body. 

How ? 

Teflon is PFC or perflourinated compund, which is a man-made created series of chemicals formed by artificially combining Carbon and Florine atoms. 

PFCs are not just in your Non-Sticky utensils but also big pollutant of industries that enter the food chain through water and food. There are hundreds of PFC chemicals that
damage the liver, pancreas, cell DNA, raise inflammation in the body and disrupts hormonal imbalances. 
These disturbances can lead to Dangerous PREGNANCY .

COMPLICATIONS to the mother– Pre-eclampsia (High B.P in Pregnancy), THYROID FUNCTION DAMAGE, High Cholesterol and severe complications in the BABY- Low Birth Weight, IMPAIRED BONE and ORGAN development, REDUCED SIZE OF BRAIN, repeated INFECTIONS in the child, EYE DEFECTS etc.

 It can lead to INFERTILITY, if you’re planning for  Pregnancy! so, be cautious about these chemicals. Also these have been linked with CANCERS of testis and kidney. 

Then you must be thinking what to use ?

Iron utensils are best, which also provide iron elements to you via food.

 PFCs are one form of toxins that affect your body adversely. There are 100s of such toxins around you which are harming your body. SPAD Program covers the COMPLETE SERIES OF COMMONLY PRESENT TOXINS AND THEIR EFFECTIVE WAYS OF ELIMINATION FROM THE BODY.

Note, these are the culprit chemicals which are present around you in home and surroundings and are responsible for making you FAT and SICK . Also, these chemicals are responsible for PREGNANCY COMPLICATIONS in both Mother and Child, INFERTILITY, THYROID, PCOS, and CANCERS. 

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Be your Best-Self,

Dr. Vipul Indora, MD