Why Brown Bread is MORE HARMFUL than White Bread?

Do you always choose to buy brown bread over white bread when you go to the nearby shop? Thinking that this whole grain or wheat or atta bread is healthy, but I want to break this health myth for you which has been brought by all the dieticians and also doctors around. Just read this crucial information to bust the myth once and for all. 

WGA is Wheat Germ Agglutinin, which is also a protein like gluten which occurs in the bran of wheat. Did you know, WGA is much more damaging to your intestines and body than Gluten. 

Since WGA is smaller in size than gluten, it can easily enter your blood through your gut barrier (mucosal layer in your intestine) which can activate your immune cells, and cause hyper-inflammation. This inflammation is the root cause of all the lifestyle diseases you are suffering from. Also, this inflammation affects hormone signaling which further leads to metabolic dysfunction in your body. 

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Dr. Vipul Indora, MD

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