Why IVF Cycles have a high failure rate? And what can you do to get all the success with or without IVF?

First, it’s important to understand that

IVF is just a process to fuse egg and sperm to get an embryo and implant it in the uterus.

And even if IVF from best hospitals/brands can be very successful in the technique of fusing egg with sperm, it can still FAIL to result in a successful pregnancy after implantation.

So, your success to reach parenthood is less about the best IVF technique but much MORE about FACTORS that results in good quality of embryo resulting from fusion (of egg and sperm) and reaching the pregnancy to term after implantation.

As now you got that just fusion is not going to give you the good quality of the embryo and its poor quality will result in failure of IVF cycle even after implantation in the uterus.

So the question is, what FACTORS will get you good quality of embryo?

The most important factor which causes poor quality embryo is  ABNORMAL EGG CHROMOSOMES (chromosome is DNA material inside the cell nucleus, and your egg is a cell).

And if the number of chromosomes in the egg are less or more than normal this will result in failure of embryo in the first week itself or will result in miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Examples to understand better

Down’s syndrome baby has a short life after birth as it has an extra copy of chromosome no. 21 (trisomy 21), and embryos of trisomy 13 or trisomy 18 doesn’t even reach birth and get eliminated as miscarriage. Not to forget that a large number of other chromosomal errors in the embryo don’t even let it reach the implantation stage, which women might not be even aware of missing, that’s why it can become so difficult to get pregnant. 

So now you can make out how chromosomes are the most important factor in deciding the quality of women’s egg and how poor quality eggs will result in the FAILURE OF IVF CYCLES.

The GOOD NEWS is that chromosomes or egg quality doesn’t depend as much on age,


it pretty much depends on external factors such as –

  • the metabolic state of your body,
  • hormonal balance and
  • toxin levels

Most healthcare professionals are not aware that the quality of eggs are determined just a couple of weeks to months before ovulation.
And if you really fix that up,

your chances of getting pregnant with or without IVF shoots upto 95%.

Since the IVF success rate without any changes in your metabolic health is abysmally low of 40-50%, you have to take your health, hormones, lifestyle and nutrition seriously if you want success with motherhood.

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Don’t leave your body in the low probability zone and go for spray-and-pray approach, take action today by talking to us and taking all steps mentioned in program necessary to get success, so that soon you have your little one smiling in front of your eyes :)

Your Health Partner,

Dr. Vipul Indora, MD
Founder & CEO- SPAD