Difficulty in getting pregnant? Here is the sure-shot solution to skyrocket your chances.

Have you been trying long enough for pregnancy but didn’t get success?

Are you planning to go for IVF cycle?

Or you already had failed IVF attempts?

If you are in any of the above situations then you really need to read this highly crucial piece of information to increase your chances of pregnancy success to 90-95% as compared to IVF success rate of only 40-50%.
The most important reason you’re failing to get pregnant is your EGG QUALITY. Now, you might have heard from the doctors or counselors that egg quality gets deteriorated with age, well this is not completely true, because you can easily find girls in the age of 20s and even teens having poor quality of eggs.

By the way, poor quality of egg means the chromosomes (DNA material inside Egg Cells) don’t develop properly. 
So, if some girls in late teens or 20s may also find very difficult to conceive than obviously there are factors other than age on which your quality of egg depends, those factors are really big enough to consider if you want to get success from fertilization to implantation in the uterus to reaching full term of pregnancy and delivering a healthy child. 

Thankfully, these factors to improve your egg quality is very much in your hands if you get the accurate knowledge and guidance to go through each step of this process which will highly increase the chances of successful pregnancy even in the domain low probability. 
So what are these factors?

They can be –

  • either Nutrition or lack of it which is impairing the development of chromosomes and hence affecting the quality of eggs (one eg; DHEA)
  • or certain toxins that you’re not aware that you’re ingesting (like bisphenols)
  • or your hormonal imbalances of FSH, LH, TSH, estrogen, progesterone, AMH, testosterone, etc . which happens due to long term ingestion of wrong foods and lifestyle. 

It was long been thought that as you age the quality of eggs decline, but that’s not completely correct, as the main impact on chromosomes happens just before a couple of weeks to months before ovulation and if your body gives a good environment to the eggs, the impact on chromosomes is positive and quality of your eggs is better but if the environment is bad then the quality of eggs is poor.

So, even if your age is higher or even if in normal age you’ve had miscarriages or failed IVF cycles, you can still generate good quality eggs by giving them a good environment in your body by following accurate nutrition and lifestyle, minimizing toxins from your body, taking extra nutrients which helps in stimulation and growth of good quality eggs.

Healthy eggs are THE MOST important factor for successful fertilization, and embryo reaching implantation state, and finally successful pregnancy. 

SPAD’s Fertility Hormones Correction Program gives world-class techniques based on the latest research. If applied diligently this program can increase the chances of successful pregnancy to 90-95%. However IVF without any dietary, lifestyle or alternative therapy intervention gives a success rate of only 40-50%.

This approach is not only for females but for their male partners as well, following which the quality and motility of sperms enhances by improving the testosterone and other hormones naturally.

Whether you are planning to go for Natural Pregnancy or assisted ones like IUI or IVF, SPAD is the only organization in India which can increase your chances of success manifolds as it’s the only Holistic Healing Approach which can help where a narrow approach of drugs only treatment fails miserably.

Do let me know at which stage of journey are you in and what kind of help you need from us to have that happy and smiling baby in your arms! 

Wishing you great motherhood and fatherhood ahead. 

Best, Dr. Vipul Indora, MD

Founder & Director- SPAD