Stop reading other stuff, here is the Permanent Cure for PCOS

Do you face hair-fall problem? Or your hair quality and texture is deteriorating? Are pimples and facial hair bothering you a lot? These all problems are due to hormonal imbalances in your body. PCOS is one of the symptoms of wrong hormones increase in the female body, the other issues like pigmented skin, hair-fall, weight gain happen due to the same reason.

How would it feel to have clear, glowing skin with no pimples and pigmentation? Or having an increase in hair growth with improvement in density, texture, and length? And I’m sure you’re going to feel absolutely great by shedding all that excess fat from your body. This all will be a reality only if you correct your hormones. That can only happen by correcting the lifestyle. And there is all the wrong advice around, may it come from dieticians or doctors.

Wrong advices/myths:

  1. Exercise will help in your PCOS and hormonal correction. Not true. Hair-fall, pimples, the hair on the face, menstrual irregularities, aging, and decreased libido are due to an increase in testosterone hormones (it’s a male hormone) in a female body. No exercise can correct the hormones, as it went wrong due to the wrong lifestyle and can only be corrected by following the best lifestyle suited to your body.
  • Taking metformin tablets. Wrong again.  This will only help to an extent by controlling blood sugar levels artificially and not good in reversing or completely curing PCOS.
  • Eating less calories. It’s again a worst advice given to sufferers because low calories can only reduce weight for short term but after few weeks to months you will regain more weight and hence PCOS, after you resume to your normal calorie diet. The further increase in weight happens because your body gets set at low metabolic rate as it senses lack of food in environment and low metabolism (ie; slow metabolic rate) leading to further slowing of energy expenditure and hence fat burn. This results in storage of more fat in the body.

Your hormones and PCOS if not corrected can lead to severe complications as well, like headaches, depression and not being able to conceive after marriage (PCOS is leading cause of infertility in IVF clinics) and also the reason for dreaded ovarian cancer.

You can contact us now to enrol with our “45 Days PCOS Reversal/Cure Program” which is world’s most scientific treatment module based on latest research, helping our thousands of patients. 

Dr. Vipul Indora, MD

Metabolic Disease Expert

Alumnus, Maulana Azad Medical College

9 comments on “Stop reading other stuff, here is the Permanent Cure for PCOS

  1. Am suffering from irregular periods. After 2 or 3 months periods will come then bleeding will not stop unless take tablets.

    1. Latha, I’ve already mentioned in the article that no medicines can cure irregular periods or PCOS, any problem which has happened due to incorrect lifestyle can only be cured by correcting it. This is what the doctors in our country don’t get. You can discuss the health challenges over the call- 8810685995, so that I can guide you to get rid of all such hormonal problems and you remain fit and healthy forever!

      Dr. Vipul Indora, MD

  2. Iam 36 years old. Iam not diabetic or no thyroid issues. Low progesterone and high testosterone and estrogen levels. Thin endometriosis layer. Hirsutism also one of the main problem. Mood swings too. Trying for kids. I want to take guidance from u. Is it really curable? Almost I changed my lifestyle food habits a lot. Hope I will get a positive response from you.

    1. Yes Girija, it is absolutely curable, for that, I need an in-depth understanding of all the challenges you are facing and accordingly, I will make a personalized module to correct your hormonal imbalances which will cure and reverse all the problems you are facing. The whole program will not just take care of your reproductive health but also the mood swings and enhance your complete mental health. I know no doctor in our country takes a holistic health approach in treating such metabolic or hormonal disorders, all they give is symptomatic temporary solution by medicines. Since my approach is to correct the root cause of problems, it brings the permanent solution to your sufferings. For more info check my recent article on ‘Sure-Shot Solution to Skyrocket Your Chances of Pregnancy’, sharing the link below. For further details, kindly contact me on 8810685995.

      Dr. Vipul Indora, MD

  3. Hi …I am Ankita
    I have pcos
    Can’t conceive from last 8 month
    Problem in infartility
    I want to join

    1. Alright Ankita, no worries, all your problems will get cured. You can discuss the details of the program over a call – 8810685995

      Dr. Vipul Indora, MD

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